Wedding Planning Guide: 4 Weeks Out

With 4 weeks left to the wedding, it’s crunch time. Time to tie up the loose ends, but we have you covered.

Here is a checklist for your 4 week countdown:

  • Pick up wedding rings; have them engraved, if desired.
  • Have engagement ring cleaned or polished.
  • Confirm prices with suppliers, double-check delivery or arrival timings.
  • Pay any outstanding amounts to suppliers.
  • Reconfirm all details with suppliers and staff involved on the day; this includes caterers, cakes, flowers, photographs, and hair and make-up stylists.
  • Reconfirm all transport arrangements (locations and timings).
  • Confirm final numbers, dietary requirements and special requests with the caterers.
  • Draw up the final seating plan.
  • Make up extra copies of the seating plan for the caterer, photographer and best man.
  • Divide place cards into envelopes for the caterers laying the tables, allowing one envelope per table.
  • Make a checklist of telephone numbers in case of any emergencies on the day: the wedding party’s mobiles and suppliers. Also, brief wedding party of what they need on the day.
  • Draw up a list of important family and friends for the photographer, with a copy for the best man.
  • Brief the best man on final payments due on the day, and supply cash or cheques, as required for tips.
  • Organise reserved seating for the ceremony and brief the ushers.
  • Brief the best man and the maid of honorĀ on any final logistics and last minute duties.
  • Collect the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ outfits.
  • Practise putting on the wedding dress with whoever will be helping on the big day.
  • Try on the full bridal outfit – including jewellery and lingerie – and practise walking in shoes.
  • Pack and organise luggage for the honeymoon; organize and receive new passport.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast; make provision for adverse conditions (extra umbrellas, blankets, marquee, water etc.)

Did we forget anything? Is there anything you would add? Leave a comment below and tell us.