Wedding Planner Guide

12 Months

– It’s time to talk money. Get any awkward conversations about setting the budget out the way pronto and work out what to spend where.

– Set the date, but be prepared to be flexible: there’s nothing worse than finding your dream venue is booked on your must-have date.

– Work out your guest numbers – who to invite and who to leave off the list (Tip: cutting guest numbers by just 10 people could shave a ton off your wedding costs!)

– Do the other proposal. 79% of you had already chosen your bridesmaids before you got engaged, if you didn’t, now’s the time to ask them.

11 Months

– Write the guest list. Can guests bring children? What about plus ones? And do you really need to invite the whole office?

– Save the date! Whether it’s at the click of a button or with a lick’n’stick stamp, you wouldn’t want your favourite cousin to be on holidays when you’re throwing the bouquet: get your date in guests’ diaries now.

– Book your photographer. The best ones get snapped up quickly. Make it a priority to let them get to know you; it’ll help them perform better for you on the day. Need a photographer… we can help.

– Start the search for ‘The One’. Well, the other one, that is: your dress.

10 Months

– Buy the wedding dress! Note: if you’re going bespoke, you’ll need to allow at least six months for completion, and bear in mind alteration times and costs, too. It’s a good time to consider shoes and any other accessories to complete the look. Need inspiration? Visit our showcase.

– Start honeymoon planning: from budget to location, flights to hotel. You might find surprisingly good deals this far in advance.

– Live music or DJ set? Book your entertainment now – think about timings and any restrictions your venue might have, too – you’ll have time to fine tune the exact songs later.

9 Months

– Let’s talk flowers. From your bridal bouquet to reception decor, discuss seasonality of your favourite blooms and the all-important arrangement composition with your florist.

– Do the taste test. Firm up your menu and drinks with your caterer, bearing in mind allergy sufferers and vegetarians where possible.

– Go bridesmaid dress shopping! No doubt they’ve had their say on yours – so now it’s your turn to sit in the advisor’s chair. (Tip: discuss who is buying what straight away to avoid awkward conversations later) Or you can avoid all the hustle and stress and just hire an event planner”

8 months to go

-      Choose your readings and music. If it’s a church wedding, it’s time to discuss with the minister and musicians.

-      Chase those pesky non-RSVPers. It’s totally fine to ask if they’re coming or not: you need to know.

-      Order the stationery! Invites, envelopes, place cards, menus and seating plan.

7 months to go

-      Think about travel. From transporting guests to and from the venue to your grand entrance and get-away car, get any vehicles hired for the day now.

-      Ooh… cake! Settle on a showstopper – and bear in mind flavours, composition, how it will be transported and the type of icing if you’re planning on saving any.

-      Choose (and/or) order your wedding favours.

6 months to go

-      Kit out your fiancé and ushers. Hiring outfits are a great way to save money, particularly if the men will wear morning suits or tails.

-      Pick your wedding rings

-      Confirm the order of service with your minister or registrar and have guest books printed. (Psst! If you’re having a choir, they’ll need copies too!)

5 months to go

-      It’s all about the make-up! If you’re hiring a make-up artist, book those all-important trial sessions. If you are doing it yourself, head to the nearest department store and pick up trial sizes of any products you might like to wear.

-      Pick (or even make!) your bridal fragrance.

4 months to go

-      Check your passport date. It must have at least six months left on it from the date you want to travel – and remember not to book under your married name yet. If your passport doesn’t match up, you won’t be boarding the plane.

-      Need visas or inoculations for your honeymoon? Find out and book.

-      Get those hen party plans in action! This is a great one to delegate to your maid of honour (an important part of the role, right?)

3 months to go

-    Organise a rehearsal before the big day and make sure the most important wedding party members will be there.

2 months to go

-    If you’ve delegated tasks to your fiancé, ‘maids or family, check how they’re getting on – you may need to pick up the slack to make sure everything’s sorted.

-    Try on your entire wedding outfit! Forgotten anything? Now’s the time to get it.

-    Make sure you’ve got that bridal glow sorted by booking any other beauty treatments (fake tan, manicure etc.)

1 month to go

-    Try out hairstyles with your hairdresser, making sure you take the tiara, crown, circlet or accessories you plan to wear.

-    Gather your hens for a girls-only celebration. After all that planning, it’s time to party: congratulations!