The Night Before

The evening before the wedding is an opportunity for the bride and groom to relax and spend time reminiscing with parents or close friends. You will usually spend the evening, or at least the night, apart.

The bridesmaids usually stay the night with the bride so they are ready for the morning, and the best man, and possibly the ushers, often stay with the groom.

The logistics obviously depend on the location of the wedding and the style of the venue. For example, if the wedding is at a hotel, then the entire wedding party might be staying there the night before. However, if the big day is held at the bride’s parents house, then it is likely that members of the wedding party will be with either the bride or groom.

If alcohol is drunk, it should be drunk in strict moderation and an early night is advisable!


There will usually be a rehearsal of the wedding ceremony during the afternoon or evening preceding the wedding. Key members of the wedding party may be asked to attend. The ceremony officiant will run through the ceremony so everyone is prepared on the day.


Pre-wedding dinners for family and close friends are an ideal time to get together and discuss the approaching day. They can be held in a hotel or restaurant, the wedding venue or in the more informal atmosphere of the parents’ home.

A small dinner for close family only is a good way to spend the evening before the wedding; a larger pre-wedding dinner should be held two nights in advance, if possible, to keep stress levels to a minimum.