Our Christmas Day Wedding

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works” Steve Jobs

After designing and creating over 100 weddings in my career, I still find it hard to pick my favorite. As a designer I have to challenge myself to make the next event I do better than the last one I just did. It is a different and somewhat relieving experience when from time to time a client comes in knowing exactly what they want.

This was my experience with Lisa. The only twist was she walked into my office with less than 2 months to her wedding with a tall list of “design and concept 1st for Lionheart Events”; oh and her wedding was on Christmas Day.

I must say, we clicked immediately and with every new request we would both laugh. I would say, “You do know your wedding is in less than two months right?”

Her response was always, “I know you can do it” and Lisa and I can both confidently say that we pulled off everything she wanted.

Guest Count: 386

Venue: Labadi Beach Hotel


Wedding Cake by Mango & Wheat

Videography by Ripple Effect

Photography by Abi

DJ Big L

MC Bola Ray

Make Up by Sparkle N Shine

Behind the Design

What is more classically romantic than red roses? As everyone knows the traditional bouquet of red rose is a perfect way to declare feelings of romantic love. When Lisa described how she wanted to her wedding reception to feel, “love” was the word she used, and there is no mistaking the implication of passion, desire and purity a simple red rose can convey.

Lisa and Richard had been together for four years before they decided to tie the knot. Our first few meetings in our office were with Lisa and her future sister-in-laws Emelia and Abigail.

It is always important to me to get to know my clients, as each wedding we do is a showcase of each couple. Working close together helps us to inspire each and every wedding. In this case we got to know the entire family and they truly became our inspiration.

Wedding Invitation

A lot of times couples worry about the cost of wedding invitations because they feel their guest will just throw them away. The fact is people will only discard things that are not timeless. When couples put thought and effort into an invitation they become souvenirs. Invitations are one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding because they set the tone for what is to come and make an impression that will last a lifetime. Lisa and Richard’s custom red suede invitation boxes from Dubai did exactly that.




The Dress

A bride walking down the aisle is like walking down her own personal catwalk at the most important fashion show of her life. Lisa’s Angelina Faccenda dress was truly a showstopper and her stunning red Badgeley Mischka shoes reminded me of shoes Dorothy wore from Wizard of OZ.

LH3 LH-2


The ceremony

Although aesthetically the ceremony site is always important, it is safe to say that the most important part of the ceremony is what the ceremony symbolizes. The joining together of two souls, two families becoming one is a truly beautiful part of life.

For Lisa and Richard we picked a site at the venue that was truly picturesque. I wanted to create a complete contrast to the red color scheme we were using for the reception.   When selecting flowers for an event, I don’t only think of their decorative quality but also the meaning behind the flower. We created an aisle with 600 hand strung white phalaenopsis orchids stems elegantly floating overhead; orchids represent beauty, luxury and strength.

Richard waited patiently for his bride in front of their white, custom-built altar.

The 8 trail bridal party began to walk down the aisle. Just behind them, leading the bride, were 5 of the cutest flower girls I have seen with rose balls pulling the red wagon carrying the pageboy and another flower girl.

Everything was perfect. At exactly 4.00 pm Lisa walked down to aisle to John Legend’s “All of me” performed by Reynolds Kwame Addow.

LH4 LH6 LH5 LH14 LH12 LH8 LH9 LH10 LH11 LH7 LH13

LH15 LH16 LH17


The new couple was showered by their guests with crisp white rose petals as they walked down the aisle.


The Reception

Guests were escorted into the Labadi Beach Omanye Ballroom after their poolside cocktail hour. Following Lisa’s request, the guests’ attentions were immediately captured the moment they walked into the room. My team and I designed two very opulent red rose centerpieces; one more dramatic than the other, each speaking to the style of the bride and the groom.

The reception highlights were many. Each guest received a beautifully packaged custom Kasapreko wine bottle from the groom’s family. The exquisite custom love ice champagne luge and white chocolate fountain kept guests amused and entertained. The real showstopper however, was the halo suspended wedding cake.

Bola Ray kept the guests entertained until the new Mr. and Mrs. Adjei arrived dancing to Dorobucci, letting everybody know that the party had begun. Lisa and Richard’s top priority for the reception was for their guests to be wowed and most importantly for them to have fun. DJ Big L kept the fashionable guests partying the night away, and boy did they party.

There is no doubt this wedding will be remembered by all those who were invited to share this special day with the Baffoe-Bonnie & Adjei families. Lisa and Richard’s wedding was everything worth celebrating.

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