“MY” 3rd Birthday Party

“Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integrations, love”
Louis Kahn

My daughter Eyram turned three on 30th January 2015. I had been asking her from the beginning of January what she wanted to do for her birthday. She kept saying “Nothing, my only wanted to cut cake”.

After a hectic December work season I was actually relieved. Little did I know when Eyram and I visited Houston in January she would tell me two days before our return home, “Mama my know what my want for my birthday”.
With slight hesitation, I responded… “Yes Eyram?”
“My want a tea party in our house with real tea… no boys because them no drink tea. Mama my want everything pink”
She had me laughing and panicking at the same time.
Thank God for Amazon, I went online and started shopping. Our living room was big enough for just about 10 to 15 children, but when we started putting the guest list together, which had to include boys (as most of her cousins are boys), I knew I would have to call my mum to ask if we could use her garden.
I found the cutest tea sets online and had everything delivered the next day.
We arrived back in Ghana on the 26th, which meant I basically had less than a week to put the event together.

Eyrams 3rd Birthday

Here comes the Lion pride, my fabulous team!

Invitations by Talata
Your invitations not only reflect the image of your event but also set an expectation amongst your guest of what’s to come. Talata’s customs invitations did exactly that. I had parents calling to tell me how excited they were to get the chance to dress their child up.

Eyrams 3rd Birthday Invitations

Kids Catering by Mango & Wheat
The menu you select for your event is essential to the overall enjoyment of your occasion. Food should bring comfort and be delighted in – taste as well as presentation. Your food can literally tie in with your entire event in terms of color and theme. Adjoa from Mango & Wheat and I have been working together for the last 5 years. Selecting the right vendors who gets your vision is very important to any event designers and plays a key role to the success of your event.
For Eyram’s menu I wanted light and delicate food. We finalized in the menu on the 28th.

Sweet Items:
Cream Puffs, Strawberry Cakelets, Mini Rose Cupcakes, Meringue Chocolate Sandwich, Scones and an assortment of mini cupcakes

Savory Items:
Hot Dog Pops, Chicken Drummetes, Mini Croissanwich

Eyrams 3rd Birthday

Adult Catering by JMarie
Drinks by Twist Lounge and Bottle Solutions
Children’s Entertainment by Rabena Inflatable Fun

Concept and Design:
At 2pm guest started to arrive in they’re “Sunday best”. It was the cutest thing ever.
With my daughters brief, I knew I wanted her to feel like she was in a fairy tale. For entertainment we had a ball pit for the young ones, a train set and bouncing castles.

Eyrams 3rd Birthday

I decided to use silver teapots as flower vase for the centerpieces. For the floral I used silk hydrangeas, pink and white roses
It was important for me to have playful colors but still incorporating the pink as much as possible. I wanted the children’s tables to feel opulent and classy. Something that you would see at Buckingham Palace, but in Prince George’s playroom ☺

Eyrams 3rd Birthday

Each child had his/her own tea set with teapots, teacups and saucers, spoons as well as a milk and sugar jugs.
We hung white pearls necklaces on the back of the white Chiavari chairs and these were put on the children as party of the teatime accessories.
When it was time to eat it was fascinating and entertaining to see each child eager to pour their own ice tea and serve themselves.

Eyrams 3rd Birthday

Eyram had three birthday cakes, and in continuing with the theme one of her cakes was shaped like a teapot. It was so beautifully designed most people thought it was a prop.

Eyrams 3rd Birthday Eyrams 3rd Birthday Eyrams 3rd Birthday Eyrams 3rd Birthday Eyrams 3rd Birthday

At the end of the night Eyram was exhausted, just before going to bed she said “Mama, thank you for my party, I really had fun”.