Love; come rain or shine

I knew Fafa from our time at the University of Ghana, Legon and subsequently got to know her better when we worked together for a hot minute in real estate so you can imagine my elation when she chose Lionheart Events to design and plan her wedding to Kwame.

Aggrey Chapel Wedding Ceremony

kwame and fafa wedding

The ceremony was everything a girl wants on their wedding day; beautiful, romantic and of course the bonus is you’re marrying the man of your dreams!!!

Everything went off without a hitch.

Abena and I saw Fafa and her father off onto the isle to marry her groom and dashed off to meet with Tamara and the rest of the Lionheart team to prep for the arrival of guests at the reception.

kwame and fafa wedding

kwame and fafa wedding

It was officially from now till forever #happilyeverattafuah.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Attafuah, you looked absolutely stunning!

kwame and fafa wedding

kwame and fafa wedding

Wait, is that rain???

kwame and fafa wedding

We were all so pumped over at GIMPA, the team had finished on time, the overhead lights were lit and we couldn’t wait to see the couple’s reaction when they walked into the reception…
….until we saw our worst case scenario creeping towards us…grey clouds!

kwame and fafa wedding

Let me take you back to the week leading up to the wedding:

Fafa and I had been checking various weather forecasts all week religiously; the days marked for rain were super sunny and those marked as sunny days poured down loads of rain! Yikes!!!

One thing was for sure though; Fafa was not shaking in her bridal heels at all, she said ‘It’s blessings for my big day”.

D-day came, beautiful sunny day, we couldn’t be happier…until 5PM.

“The odds seemed to be against us when the heavy rains which followed our marriage ceremony ruined our reception grounds and almost compelled us to cancel the entire thing.”

Kwame and Fafa

It poured down ‘monsoon-type’ rain just as guests started to arrive and we scrambled to salvage what we could in zero time…wedding cake and all. Tamara had already sent a team to our office to bring new tablecloths to replace the already soaking ones hoping the rain would abate early and dinner could go on as planned. Plan B was to scrap the 11th and turn everything around the next day; set everything up from scratch. At half past 5 Fafa and Kwame arrived and we were glad to see she wasn’t crying or devastated by the turn of events. Her first words were “what do we do?” just as her father joined us. Our response; we can’t do much about the rain, but we definitely can do your reception over again.

….Decision? …Day 2 it was! Prepare new menu, bake new desserts, floral re-arrangements, testing to make sure lights weren’t damaged by the rain; our team is one resilient bunch ; everyone was wholeheartedly on board for a do-over!

kwame and fafa wedding kwame and fafa wedding kwame and fafa wedding kwame and fafa wedding kwame and fafa wedding kwame and fafa wedding kwame and fafa wedding

Kwame and Fafa

“.....You know you’ve chosen the best out of the lot when your planner gives you a second chance at having the best day of your life”.

Kwame and Fafa Attafuah

A very big thank you to the Lionheart Events team for making 11th and 12th April 2015 the most memorable days of our lives.


From our team, thank you to the newlyweds for trusting us with two of the most important days of their lives. It was definitely a first for us too in more ways than one and it was such a pleasure to have experienced this with you 2 because you showed us with true love and an amazing family bond you can have an even more fantastic encore of a wedding day!

Much much love, and our heartiest congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Attafuah.

kwame and fafa wedding

We Appreciate;

Lace Up Weddings; Wedding Photographer

Amfo Connolly; Lionheart Photographer

Greenmile Resources

Mango and Wheat

DJ Big L

Mr. Tsegah and Mr. Attafuah for being fantastic fathers of the bride and groom!

AND of course the Lionheart Events team for being spirited through it all…GO TEAM!