Ghana’s Georgia Peach

“ You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make a dream a reality”

Walt Disney

December 2011 was the busiest Christmas Lionheart has had till date; I mean literally back-to-back events all through to the New Year.

Of course as life goes, on the 29th of December, in the middle of this busy time, I had to trek to Atlanta Georgia to prepare for the birth of my princess.

Almost a month later, on the 30th of January at 4:28 am, Eyram Emma Goka was born; my late brother Richard named her the cub.

I’m sure every mum would agree with me when I say that at that moment my whole life changed.


At that moment I knew that there was nothing I wouldn’t do for my special bundle. 2012 was a whirlwind year, adjusting to a new baby; juggling motherhood with work, planning my sister’s wedding and eventually welcoming a niece into the world seemed to put the year into fast forward.

Before I knew it, I was planning our Lionheart cub’s first birthday. The theme came to me very easily, almost without much thought.

Georgia’s national fruit is the peach; for me the peach embodies sweetness, kindness, beauty and southern hospitality. I thought to myself “These are all the things she is… she is a peach”.


We began the day with us dedicating her to God in front of a small number of friends and family. We brought church home to us with our family pastors leading in the prayers and Tema Youth Choir singing praises to the good Lord.

It was a lovely moment with all of Eyram’s grandparents dedicating her and all our guests promising to make their best efforts to guide her in God’s light. After the service, the rest of our guests arrived for the party and everything came together.


eyram2We had little touches to remind everyone that the day was for and about Eyram. We handed out “Eyram’s 1st Birthday” t-shirts to all the nannies that accompanied the children to the party as well as to the staff we had helping out.


The eating area for the children had custom stools and a log tables where they ate their little lunch boxes filled with chips, burgers and chicken wings provided by Mango and Wheat.


There was a wide array of snacks including popcorn, hot dogs, marshmallows, M&M’s and a chocolate fountain. In keeping with the theme the children’s table was inspired had by the strong vibrant color of the peach.

The candy station was equipped with a ‘decorate your own cupcake’ space that even the adults were clambering over.

The parents sat at peach draped tables with orchids as the centerpieces for a crisp, clean feel, where they ate a lovely BBQ menu done by Labadi Beach Hotel.


All the water bottles all had personalized labels, which was a nice but subtle touch to the party.


With activities like bouncy castles, face painting, balloon modeling and a dancing competition with “Azonto” moves that had the parents on the floor with laughter. The children and adults were kept very busy throughout the day.


We asked each adult to write down some advice on advice cards for different points of her life so she will always have something to look back to and feel all the love she had on that day. We are still so grateful for these little notes and we can’t wait for her to grow up and be able to read them herself. To say a big thank you to our guest, we gave them jars of home made peach jam to take home. Hopefully every time they take a scoop out they remembered our Eyram on her day filled with joy, laughter and love.


At the end of the night my husband Eric and I released a single wish lantern to represent the significance of the event.


Eyram had a blast and she was probably the one 1 year old I have ever known who recognized the day was for her and was about her.

Many of my close friends said the event was basically for me, I responded, “of course Eyram can’t speak yet” lol.

Little did I know that by her 3rd birthday party my daughter would be giving me detailed instructions on what she wanted for her birthday…….