A Truly Elegant Celebration

What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and i’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. It’s a wonderful life.

Guest Count:  240

Venue: Private Residence Airport Residential

Catering by Labadi Beach Hotel

Cocktails by Sips

Wedding Cake by Dream Dessert

Videography by Ripple Effect

Photographer:  Photo by Abi & Bellaza & Capture

Entertainment: DJ Vision

Make Up by Elaine Shobanjo


Behind the Design

Our classically beautiful bride Kukie had four words to describe her vision for her traditional marriage reception dinner; Elegant, sophisticated, romantic and charming.

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These words are what steered our inspiration when we started work on this glamorous event for Kukie, Andrew and their 240 guests on April 8th 2016. Part of our brief was also to make the event meaningful, intimate and entertaining; in that order. We knew we had to provide an experience like no other and one that would leave a lasting experience for every single guest.

The event took place in the private residence of the couple in Airport Residential area. The color pallet was black, white and gold, a perfect mix in our opinion that portrays opulence and style.

Our first meeting with Kukie was in February and with just two months to plan something extraordinary, we knew we had to get the ball rolling.

Invitation Design

When a guest receives an invitation, they should be able to envision the event. Aside from sharing the important information, the invitation should also set the tone for the event.

Kukie and Andrew’s invitations were custom and hand made in South Africa. They were enveloped in rich, black, velvet, two-door pocket folds sealed with a black satin bow. This set the theme for the evening; guests knew they were attending a sophisticated, elegant event and definitely gave them something grand to look forward to.


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A venue should be one of your first thoughts when planning any event. Our bride’s vision was for her big day to take place in the garden of the home she shared with her then fiancé. As they wanted the event to be an all night affair, she opted for our 375 square meter clear A-frame marquee. Marquees are wonderfully flexible venues; acting as a blank canvas they allow the user to create unique and personal events every time.

The panoramic walls of the marquee gave it an “open” feeling whilst allowing for a cozy and comfortable feel. With the clear roof installed on top of the dance floor guests truly felt like they were dancing under the stars.


Food & Drinks

(Eat, Drink and Be Merry)

The key things that guests always take away from any event are the food, the drinks and the ambiance. Although taste is always important, the quality of service is also essential and it is important to find a caterer that fits your style and budget.

The dinner party began with a small cocktail area outside the marquee. The cocktails throughout the night were provided by Sips Mixologists, and the canapés and dinner, by Labadi Beach Hotel. We created an ultra modern lounge area for guest to relax and mingle.  Our aim was create something stylish and sleek.


A plated service creates a great sense of occasion; the couple decided to go with Ghana’s own Chef Gary from Labadi Beach Hotel for a three coursed decadent dinner.


Wedding Cake


A wedding cake is an opportunity for couples to add some individuality to their day.  Generally there is no rule of thumb in weddings these days. Kukie and Andrew opted for a very non-traditional, dare I say it, “a black and gold cake”.

This 3-tiered cake created by Dream Desserts was truly intricate and beautifully decorated.


Décor Design

The reception featured flowers in abundance as our bride requested lush freshly imported hydrangeas, roses, tulips and more.

Right after cocktails, guests were ushered into the marquee. They were welcomed with striking floral features suspended from the roof of the marquee.  Completely redefining the law of gravity.

The reaction she desired from her guests as they walked into the marquee and the only words she wanted to hear throughout the night was “oh-wow”; The complexity of this modern décor concept thankfully gave our bride just what she was looking for.



If I had to use two words to describe our couple they would be ‘chilled’ and ‘fun’. The entertainment chosen for this event reflected exactly that. During dinner, guests were treated to South African violinist (who has become known as the “lady in a bubble”). Her musical talents and unique way of showcasing them wowed guests whilst giving them a relaxed ambiance in which to enjoy their meals.

Once dinner was over, the party really began. Efya took the stage and got guests out of their seats. Once everyone was warmed up, DJ Vision took over and kept guests on the dance floor till 3am! This reception was a party; truly one that people will be talking about for years to come. It was such a celebration of the couple’s love, their personalities and the love they have for their friends and families.

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Thank you to Kukie and Andrew for giving us the opportunity to put together this truly amazing evening, hoping it gives you a great start in your married life.  It was truly an event to remember.

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